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Commercial building powered by a couple of T&T generators.


When the power goes out, your standby generator kicks on when it's needed. After you get electricity back, it turns off. You don't have to worry about a thing, because this entire process is automatic!

An X-ray display of an indusrtial power generator


Our Siemens generator line is available in natural gas. These highly efficient, low emission engines are designed specifically for continuous use, prime power, or as part of a cogeneration system (CHP).

Farm land


Your farm requires a unique power solution. That is why we have designed and developed an entire line of customized agricultural generators. Keep your farm running and protect your investments with one of our NEW AgriGenerators!

Mobile rental generators lined up.


Whether you need a standby or continuous generator for a few hours or a few months, we have a range of products to meet your needs. Our fleet includes diesel generators from 30 kW to 2 MW & we service locations across Canada!

Smiling couple in front of house.


A standby home generator keeps your power on during regional blackouts. It gets installed outside your house, like a central AC unit, and comes on automatically within a few seconds, whether you're home or away.

An exposed used generator.

Used Generators

We buy and sell used standby & prime power generators. Our in-stock inventory often includes both diesel and natural gas sets from 12 - 2000+ kW. This equipment is available immediately.



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