First-Rate Generator Servicing with T&T Power Group

T&T Power Group’s extensive range of used standby generators wouldn’t be what they are without our team of generator service experts around to keep them in top shape for years to come. In fact, our team services over 5000 generators across Canada annually – and fortunately for you, we’re just a phone call away when you and your generator need us.

Our expert generator service team follows the Canadian Standards Association (CSA)’s most current inspection guideline code, CSA-282, to ensure that the design, installation, operation, maintenance and testing of all generators is safe and up to the highest standard.


Our customers range from commercial business owners to industrial plant operators, agricultural and greenhouse farmers that are employing standby and CHP power generator systems.

Whoever you are and whatever your power generator and maintenance needs may be, T&T Power Group has your back.


It’s important to know that not all generator service providers are created equal. To help you decide what makes a service company worth the risk, we’ve put together 7 of the most important questions to consider when choosing a generator service provider.

Before choosing a service provider, ask yourself:

1. Is the company you’re considering worthy of a relationship with you?

Many so-called generator service companies are simply mechanics that service the engine and have no understanding of the generator end of the gen-set – and so they neglect the generator and do not maintain it. In the short term, these companies rely on lower rates as they do not invest in technician training or proper tools. So beware: these companies have no reputation to maintain, and will cut and run at the first sign of trouble.

On the other hand, T&T Power Group has been building and servicing generators for decades, since the end of the Second World War. There is not an industry or make of generator that we have not serviced before. We service gen-sets on farms, in hospitals, long term care facilities, waste water treatment plants, and auto manufacturers depending on large combined heat and power units, as well as many other situations.

2. Do they have experience servicing your type of generator, and are they able to get parts?

T&T Power Group not only services generators, but we build them, too. Diesel, natural gas and propane standby and prime power units as well as small and large combined heat and power gen-sets are all a part of our line-up. And if we don’t have the parts on hand to repair your generator, we have a relationship with the manufacturer who built yours, and most parts are easily obtained.

Since we build generators, we have the technical expertise to fix them. Most gen-sets operate on the same principles: a combustion engine turns a rotor inside a stator kept to specific conditions by a gen-set controller which receives feedback from various sensors – and our technicians are familiar with all of these principles.

3. Is the company able to provide a straight-forward service quote?

T&T Power Group has seen the service quotes and invoices of our competitors. Many attempt to rationalize their total amount by breaking down labour into several categories depending on the technician’s experience. Many gen-set service companies charge mileage, environmental charges for getting rid of oil and coolant, truck charges, tool charges and so on.

At T&T Power Group, our service quotes are one flat rate determined by the particular requirements of your gen-set. We spell out what we do when we service your generator and charge only that flat rate unless there is a deficiency that would prevent the generator from starting in the event of a utility failure. If we find such a deficiency, the technician will inform the customer immediately with a cost and timeline for repair.

If there are recommendations for repairs that do not affect the operational readiness of a generator, the recommendations will be quoted and a note made on the customer’s account to repair on next service, upon the customer’s approval. A T&T Power Group invoice will never list charges not quoted and previously authorized by the customer.

4. Do they follow a logical service routine that demonstrates their ability to service your gen-set?

T&T Power Group follows the standby generator inspection guidelines of the Canadian Standards Association’s Section 282 – Emergency electrical power supply for buildings. Our technicians are trained to use this guideline to service all generators providing a methodical, step-by-step instruction list to run a preventative maintenance program on your generator.

5. Do they provide a report that covers all of the bases and satisfies the documentary requirements of your insurance company, Revenue Canada and any other organization that may require a report as proof the generator has been properly maintained?

T&T Power Group technicians complete their inspection report while still on site servicing your generator. Our electronic reports are completed on the technician’s phone or laptop and submitted to the service manager each evening. The service manager reviews the generator report and submits for either further service action or invoicing the next day. Once accounting receives the manager-approved generator service report, an invoice is generated and both documents are provided to the customer.

6. Do they prioritize their relationship with you?

T&T Power Group uses a planned maintenance schedule to ensure serviced generators are ready at a convenient and appropriate time. We provide 24-hour emergency on-call generator service through a call centre in Brampton and have a fleet of well maintained service vehicles. We supply all training and tools required for the job because we believe the relationship we have with our employees is just as important as the relationship we have with our customers.

7. Are they employing the latest and most cost-effective technology?

At T&T Power Group, we are always on the lookout for better ways to do business. For example, we made the switch from manually written reports and filing with electronic reports entered as customer records in a large database. These are the types of changes that not only benefit us, but benefit our customers and save them money. T&T Power Group has not raised the rates on existing customers for over 5 years due to competitive innovations such as electronic customer records.

Ready for generator power servicing you can trust?

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