Diesel & Natural Gas Generator Maintenance in Canada

24/7 Emergency Generator Response Georgetown Ontario Canada

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T&T Power Group takes a comprehensive approach to power generation solutions, which is why maintenance programs and 24/7 emergency response are offered with all of our products. Regardless of your situation, we can tailor a maintenance program to effectively prevent failure—so your equipment is always working when you need it.

Maintenance Programs for Diesel & Natural Gas Generators in Canada

T&T Power Group offers a variety of maintenance programs for our customers, including weekly, monthly, semi-annual and annual. Our team will work through our standard multi-point inspection during scheduled maintenance.

Regular maintenance also includes the maintenance of accessory equipment, including fuel and exhaust systems, air dampers, electrical switchgear such as transfer switches. The incorporation of a semi-annual or annual load bank tests can offer valuable preventative maintenance by testing the generator under full load and monitoring its reaction.

We commonly provide Canadian Standards Association (CSA) procedural programs to government clients who are provincially-mandated to meet CSA-C282—or who prefer to choose best practice. Please let us know if you require this service in advance.

If we find an issue with the equipment during maintenance, we will discuss any additional work and associated costs with our government clients prior to proceeding with repair work.

24/7 Emergency Response for Diesel & Natural Gas Generators in Canada

The team at T&T Power Group understands the importance of your electrical supply. We know that responding to a power supply failure is an extremely time-sensitive matter. We are always responsive to our customers, providing on-call technicians around the clock.

Our Emergency Service team is dedicated to providing the electrical capacity you need— whether through the repair of your on-site equipment or through providing adequate rental equipment to handle the load, until the appropriate repairs can be made.

Call our teams in Kitchener-Waterloo, Georgetown or Saskatoon at any time for a quick and effective response to the problem.