Government Diesel & Natural Gas Generator Installation and Training in Canada

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T&T Power Group uses a trusted network of electricians to help with power generation installations. We are committed to ensuring that our equipment is fully-operational for use and capable of handling your specific applications.

Commissioning for Government Generators in Canada

During the Commissioning Phase, we will visit your site and simulate operating conditions on the generator to confirm everything is functioning as intended and available for use. We are able to simulate a power outage to confirm the correct operation of both the generator set and the transfer switch in tandem.

Depending on commissioning specifications, we can provide on-site load testing services to confirm the capabilities of the equipment and run the generator set under a constant load for any length of time required.  

Training Sessions for Government Generator Operators in Canada

The T&T Power Group team provides a training session for on-site staff during the Commissioning Phase of any project. The goal of this training session is to acquaint the operator with the equipment and ensure they are comfortable working around it.

In the Training Session, we provide certain amount of time for ‘open dialogue’ between the T&T Power Group technician and the on-site government staff. On-site staff need to understand the intended use of the equipment as well as being comfortable with the control systems supplied on each unit. During training, our representatives will point out safety precautions that will need attention as well, with reference to the specific piece of equipment.

We welcome operator questions during the Training Session (as well as after). T&T Power Group is also able to provide videotaping services, allowing government operators to videotape on-site training as a future resource.

Contact our teams in Kitchener-Waterloo, Georgetown and Saskatoon if you require operational training for your on-site staff.