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Condominium complexes sought the capability to produce their own power, and recover the heat from the engines to supply heat to common areas.

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Two distinct condominium complexes in the metropolis of Toronto, California Condos and Doris Grand Triomphe sought the capability to produce their own power, recover the heat from the engines to supply heat to common areas, and help create hot water for their facilities. Together with Staples Energy services, these developers sought funding to help retrofit their existing facilities by implementing a Power Purchasing Agreement.


Updating generators that are on-site is a pricey endeavor that also requires the participating parties to collaborate with full disclosure. Installing one of these systems on the roof and another within an existing maintenance room would also create unique challenges for each site.

Like all facilities that can install a cogeneration unit, specifics are unique, and it takes proper evaluation to make the system return the investment most effectively.


Since these particular condominiums had base loads of 146Kw of electricity, our T&T Power Group knew that installing 150 kW MAN engines (E3262 E302) would be a perfect fit for the properties.

Using natural gas, the MAN E302 utilizes increased cubic capacity to improve the overall efficiency of the engine. Achieving an output of 275kW at 1500rpm (50hz), this engine utilizes improved combustion technology, with the help of a three way catalytic converter, which reduces NOx and CO2 emissions. This engine is also able to be connected to a data logger. This remotely-operated system allows the engine to be monitored to ensure improved running capabilities encompassing important engine parameters.

The installed units work with existing facility infrastructure to generate heat for common areas. Adhering to the sound attenuation specifications of residential areas, the gensets were housed in existing locations taking into account the noise created by the equipment. The need for these facilities to obtain continuous power, regardless of setback, is achieved by the installed cogeneration units.

From implementation to completion, the property owners and contractors were required to set stringent deadlines which we followed while solving problems along the way. In the end, the necessary load outputs were achieved, the generators were installed within an existing structure, and the solution helped offset the growing costs of operations.

Through communication, adhering to site-specific requirements, and sharing common goals, all members of these partnerships benefitted from the project and outcome. This serves as proof that when project developers work alongside T&T Power Group and energy finance specialists, energy saving solutions can be created. We look forward to a lifetime partnership with Staples Energy.


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