Diesel & Natural Gas Generators for Your Business in Canada

T&T Power Group offers a wide range of power generation options for businesses and commercial properties. We understand the negative effects that power loss can have on your operations. Our solutions can help eliminate the downtime while employees wait for power to be restored, as well as preventing the loss of products currently in process or dependent on power.

Our solutions can also provide a power supply that will keep your team safe on the job. Emergency generators provide backup for life safety systems that depend on electrical power supplied to the building, such as:

  • Fire alarms and emergency voice communications systems
  • Elevator systems
  • Water supply pumps for fire protection
  • Ventilation systems
  • Emergency lighting and exit signs

Find a power solution that's right for you.

T&T Power generators Toronto Ontario Canada

Thanks to many years of industry experience, our team is also well-acquainted with Canadian Standards Association (CSA) codes and regulations, such as CSA-C282. We can provide procedural programs to comply with these guidelines during scheduled maintenance.

Diesel & Natural Gas Generator – Product Line

Our product line includes both diesel and natural gas generators, with sizes ranging from 10-600 kW for diesel generators and 30-400 kW for natural gas generators. Choose from among the following power generation options:

  • Standby and continuous power supply
  • Indoor or outdoor installations
  • Portable or stationary
  • And other options or accessories

The team at T&T Power Group can provide custom-tailored solutions for any requirement. The bulk of the equipment sold and serviced by T&T Power Group is built and assembled in Canada, by our very own team. We are able to provide custom-built products by understanding our clients’ existing needs and drawing on our in-depth industry experience.

Contact our team in Kitchener-Waterloo, Georgetown or Saskatoon for more information on diesel and natural gas generators for your business.