Rental Generators for Your Business in Canada

T&T Power Group can provide rental generators, ranging from 30KW to 1MW, through our own resources and in conjunction with our partners. We can provide temporary power solutions in a variety of situations:

  • Providing generators to cover outages during a power failure
  • Supplemental power sources in addition to the main utility
  • Providing power during long-term construction projects
  • Supplying power for special events

Our team understands that some clients will use the rental equipment more than others during their rental period. As such, our pricing is relative to the usage during this time.

Between our fleet and our partnering companies, we can provide competitively-priced rental generators and power solutions for any situation.

Contact our teams in Kitchener-Waterloo, Georgetown and Saskatoon to get a quote for rental generators.

Find a power solution that's right for you.