In this blog, we will discuss 3 of the top reasons for using parallel generators for your business in Canada. We hope this will provide some clarity on the advantages of this new type of system.

With modern advances in technology making paralleling generators increasingly simple and cost-effective to implement, more and more businesses are choosing to switch from their traditional setup. Paralleling allows you to run several smaller generators sets together, as opposed to one large generator set. This enables easier installation in locations such as rooftops and smaller spaces, as well as other advantages.

1. Redundancy

When designing a system for using parallel generators, you may want that you ensure your system can accommodate the critical load even when one of the generators is not operating. For example, if you have two smaller generator sets running in parallel and your critical load is 500 kW/h, ensure that one of the two generators can handle this load on its own. In some cases, this setup will even be required by code.

One major benefit of generator paralleling is the redundancy offered in various situations, when the system is designed properly. This way, if one of the standby generators does not start when needed, then remaining generators can provide the critical load. Similarly, the standby system can still function as intended during periods of scheduled maintenance, when one of the generator sets must be taken offline for repairs.

2. Ease of Expansion

In many cases, the electrical demands of a facility will be expected to grow over time. But it can be difficult to anticipate the exact rate of growth. If projections of electrical load are not high enough, your business could be left without an adequate backup power generation system—requiring a costly upgrade that is not part of your budget.

Running multiple generators in parallel allows gradual increases to take place. Rather than replacing an existing generator with a larger one, you can simply add more smaller generators to your current setup. As an additional advantage, your switchgear will already be in place in a parallel system, saving you this added investment with each upgrade.

3. Lower Capital Expenditure

Multi-generator paralleling systems are not more expensive than traditional standby systems and, from the perspective of capital expenditure, they represent a smarter long-term investment. As already mentioned, paralleled generators provide the flexibility to easily expand the system without huge additional costs.

The other benefit is that these systems typically use engines that are produced in high-volume, used in on road truck or industrial applications. These types of engines are built with more advanced manufacturing technology that allows them to generate more power for what you’re spending than the alternatives. On top of that, running this system in parallel with the regular utility can allow businesses to take advantage of interruptible-rate programs, depending on their service provider.

Paralleling your generators can offer massive benefits to your business, including redundancies for emergencies and scheduled maintenance, ease of expansion, and lower capital expenditure in the long-term. These are just a few great reasons to switch to a parallel power generation system today.

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