The History of T&T Power Group in Canada

T&T Power Group can trace its experience in the power generation industry back to humble roots in generator service. The name T&T comes from the original company, Truck & Tractor Equipment Ltd, which operated as a farm equipment, construction equipment, forestry equipment and John Deere dealer in Ontario between 1928 and 1994.

T&T Power Group’s story begins in 1980, when Truck & Tractor formed a Diesel Power division building generator sets for the industrial and commercial markets. In 1994, this division was sold to two independent investors and relocated to Georgetown, Ontario, where it operated for nearly two decades.

In 2013, T&T Diesel Power amalgamated with Genco Generators Inc., a West Montrose-based generator service company. Genco, in turn, had just completed a merger in 2012 with Al’s Diesel Generator Service, a premium power generation service provider for Saskatchewan. The new company combined the holdings of all 3 organizations and began operations under the name T&T Power Group in 2014.

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Emergency response trucks outside of a power generator supplier building in Ontario.

Today, T&T Power Group employs several full-time teams across Canada, offering expertise in generator manufacturing, sales, service, rentals, and installation. This breadth of experience is what allows T&T Power Group to provide comprehensive power generation solutions to our clients across a range of industries.

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