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Mar. 12, 2020

Breaking Down Two Main Components of Power Distribution Systems

Why are we so dependent on switchgear and switchboards?

Feb. 18, 2020

Exploring Life’s Big Questions as we Continue to Automate our Industries

Today, digital transformations align with the organic and celestial interconnectivity of systems near and far.

Feb. 14, 2020

Mines are Continuing to Become More Automated: Here’s Why

Automation has truly become the light at the end of the tunnel.

Feb. 11, 2020

Considering the Digital Transformations of the Restaurant Industry

Is it time to start integrating automation into your restaurant operations?

Feb. 7, 2020

Top SCADA Integration Components of Each Instrumentation and Control Subgroup

The most capable systems run with the best components.

Feb. 3, 2020

What There is to Know About the PLCs and HMIs of Industrial Automation

Get familiar with these two key components of automated systems

Jan. 31, 2020

Understanding SCADA and How it Can Optimize Your Manufacturing Processes

Greater control and better insight = more efficient operations.

Jan. 25, 2020

Understanding Industrial Automation in an Industry Operated by Humans

As more and more industries adopt these systems, it’s time to ask yourself whether it’s your turn to do so.

January 21, 2020

Why College and University Campuses Need to Invest in Backup Power Today

Soon enough, the cost of a prolonged power outage will far outweigh your investment in a standby generator.

Dec. 3, 2019

Energy Solutions for a More Balanced, Healthy Planet

Energy contributes to a large portion of our daily lives. But we will eventually need more innovative solutions to provide environmentally favourable energy.

Nov. 14, 2019

Talk is Cheap. It’s Time to Take Action.

Time is money, and it’s time to stop “thinking” about power solutions and start “doing”.

Oct. 23, 2019

Many Manitoba Residents Still Waiting for Power

Canadian storms have gotten an early start. Are you prepared?

Oct. 15, 2019

Thinking About Industrial Power Solutions This Year?

Over the past few decades, the global electricity and gas markets have changed dramatically.

Oct. 8, 2019

This Thanksgiving, Be Fully Prepared With a Backup Power Generator

It’s that time of year again. Sure, you’re prepared – but just how prepared are you?

Oct. 2, 2019

How to Choose the Right Size Natural Gas Generator for Your Home

When it comes to generator sizing, is it better to go bigger?

Sept 9, 2019

What Can Canadian Business Owners Learn from Nova Scotia’s Hurricane Dorian?

Severe weather conditions such as high winds and heavy rain are known to take down trees and wreak havoc on power lines.

Sept 3, 2019

Understanding the TSSA B139 and How it Applies to Diesel Standby Generators

Have you ever called for diesel fuel only to have your generator red-tagged, or denied fuel by your supplier all because you didn’t have your fuel supply inspection report handy?

Aug 7, 2019

Non-Disruptive Engine Selection - The Heart of a Generator Set

A recent Diesel Progress study reports that 40 different Natural Gas engine manufacturers currently span the globe.

July 22, 2019

Comparing the ROI of Cogeneration, Prime and Battery-Powered Systems

Over the past few years, we’ve seen a battle between several prime power and cogeneration technologies – especially regarding their economic efficiencies.

July 10, 2019

The Benefits of Purchasing a Containerized Unit for Your Facility

Containerizing a generator and its ancillary equipment has become an increasingly common practice for both standby power and continuously running applications.



Siemens SGE-EM

Exploring What Makes the Siemens SGE-EM The Best in Its 2MW Engine Class

Siemens is renowned for their innovation in the power generator market - and one of their engines in particular; the SGE-EM series, might just be the most competitive of them all. Continue Reading

Home Standby Generator

What Safety Precautions Should You Keep in Mind With a Home Generator

While researching home generator options, something that tends to come up frequently are warnings to follow the safety requirements and recommendations at all costs. Reading some of these horror stories... Continue Reading

Chrysler Building

Understanding The CSA 282 Emergency Electrical Power Supply For Buildings

This year, the fires began to burn in northern Alberta as soon as the snow melted. European countries are already scrabbling to find enough water to keep hydrated amidst the 40-degree Celsius heat... Continue Reading

Farm Sources

Comparing Electric & Diesel Water Pumps for Farmers

According to Agricultural Resource Management (ARM), farm irrigation pumping takes up 70 to 80% of the total electricity usage on a farm... Continue Reading

Generator Codes for long term care residences

Generator Codes & Standards For Long Term Care Residences

In the case of a power failure, Long Term Care residences are required to have backup power readily available to meet the safety standards and comfort needs of our most vulnerable citizens. Continue Reading

Emergency Preparedness Week

Let’s Do Our Part for Emergency Preparedness Week

There can be no doubt that we have a new, dynamic and rapidly-changing climate reality. We need to be aware of our local climate and of escape routes like never before because the people we care about depend on it. Continue Reading

Be Prepared for power outages

3 Unexpected Costs of a Power Failure, and How Your Business Can Avoid Them

Today, no business is exempt from the damage a power outage is capable of causing when a company doesn’t prepare for it. It isn’t a matter of if it will happen, but more so a matter of when. Continue Reading

Ontario Sees 65% Increase in Electricity Management and Conservation Efforts

On February 26th, over 200 Ontario manufacturing leaders including T&T Power Group attended the Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters’ Energy 2019: Powering the Future of Manufacturing Conference... Continue Reading

Combined Heat and Power Generators become more popular

Why CHP Is Being Embraced by More and More Industries, Big and Small

The CHP process is incredibly efficient; redirecting and repurposing the heat produced through power generation that will dramatically cut costs over time. And with a convenient abundance of natural gas... Continue Reading

Prime Power Generator Benefits

Discover the Freedom of Prime Power

The ever-rising utility costs in Ontario have been raising concerns among the province’s hydro customers for quite some time... Continue Reading

Agricultural Backup Generator

Preventing Power Supply Problems on Your Farm

Every farmer knows the importance of a reliable and steady power supply to support their lifestyle and daily operations... Continue Reading

Generator for Farm

5 Factors to Consider When Purchasing a Generator for Your Farm

When it comes time to purchase a power generator for your farm, there are some key factors to take into consideration to ensure that you’re as prepared as can be for your new investment decision. Continue Reading

Ontario Global Adjustment Fee

What’s the Deal With Ontario’s Global Adjustment Fee?

Ontario’s electricity prices have been skyrocketing for over a decade – something we can attribute to the Global Adjustment: a fee that was added to the electricity bills beginning in 2006. Continue Reading

combined heat and power has many benefits

Exploring the Benefits of Combined Heat and Power (CHP) Systems

According to the Environmental & Energy Study Institute, there are more than 4,100 CHP systems being employed in the U.S. alone as of 2013. Over two-thirds of these systems are fueled via natural gas. Continue Reading

diesel standby power generator

What to Consider When Buying a Standby Generator for Your Business

There are a number of things to consider when buying a standby generator for your business. The last thing you want to do is fail to take all factors into account. Continue Reading