The Benefits of Purchasing a Containerized Unit for Your Facility

Good things come in self-enclosed packages.

By: Tilo McAlister
July 10, 2019

Containerizing a generator and its ancillary equipment has become an increasingly common practice for both standby power and continuously running applications. In fact, fortunately, most power generators today are available to purchase in packaged containers which provides a host of benefits for the consumer.

If you’re looking to invest in on-site power for your facility, here are some of the key benefits of choosing a containerized solution:

Greater convenience and less hassle:

Today’s packaged generators offer a quality of convenience incomparable to units that are not containerized. For example, radiators, exhaust, and emissions control packages can be conveniently mounted on top of the container. Containerized solutions can also be fitted with sound-attenuating materials to meet local noise regulations during manufacture. Load testing, pre-commissioning and other services can be carried out prior to delivery.

Lower project cost:

With self-enclosed and containerized units, customers are freed from the need to make expensive alterations to their facility in order to accommodate the generator, such as building a plant room. Generally speaking, the all-around simplified engineering of a containerized unit leads to an overall lower power project cost for you.

Reduced installation time:

With a containerized generator, most of the necessary work can be completed before delivery, leading to reduced time required for on-site installation. Once your packaged unit arrives, our installation team will ensure your generating plant is up and ready to go in no time.

Higher adaptability and flexibility:

For facilities that are tight for space indoors, containerized packages can be safely installed outdoors or atop the roof. And if your facility is likely to relocate in the future, or your business is expanding, there’s no need to worry about purchasing additional equipment to accommodate its new location or growth. Containerized solutions offer the adaptability and flexibility perfect for the modern power consumer.

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